Thursday, April 29, 2010

MAMILLA and "Fairy Tales" exhibition

Mamilla is one of the great places here in Jerusalem for tourists and for the residents of Israel. Walking through her promenade you arrive to the Old City of Jerusalem instead of taking a bus! At the end of Mamilla, Jaffa Gate greetings you!

Mamilla has a long and attractive promenade where the tourists and residents can find wonderful stores. Is like being in the Fifth Avenue of New York, or in Michigan Avenue in Chicago, without listening to a car horns or looking for a place where you can park your car, or ride in a taxi or in a bus!

As well as there are nice stores, coffee shops and restaurants, the promenade of Mamilla hosts a wonderful and incomparable exhibition of Israeli and international artists, named: “Fairy Tales”. Is a unique exhibition of the works artist, such Alma Moriah Vinik, Orna Ben-Shoshan, Sarah Knoll, Yael Erlichman, Dani Katz, Martin Kizalstein , Becky Levy, and others.

Here are some pictures:

And here more!!!You can see one of the sculptures with the artist, noooooo! is just us (Bill and I) :).

Here is one of my favorites sculptures!

The exhibition is really great! You are invited, and it is FREE!!!

While I was walking, something called my attention in some of the walls: numbers, and numbers, and more numbers. I asked to one of the people who works in one of the coffee shops what are these numbers represent, and he explained me that some of the walls at Mamilla promenade were built with the original stones that had been used for the Mamilla neighborhood in the late 19 century. Each one of the stones has a number so the people who built the Promenade can reassemble the facade buildings of the Promenade as they were long time ago. This place was, at that time, a Jewish-Arab business district.

The exhibition will be only until October 2010, please come and enjoy it!

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  1. I'm glad you and Bill had a great time! Miss you so much!